SRTS & Active Transportation

When planning your SRTS project, it’s important to keep in mind active transportation systems that may already exist in your community. SRTS grant applications are most compelling when you are able to demonstrate connectivity and link your sidewalk plans to existing sidewalks, and trail ways.

Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA)

MTGA and Michigan State University have teamed up to map the proximity of Michigan’s elementary and middle schools to the state’s trails. If a trail is aligned between the school and the neighborhood where a student lives, a trail may only need a short connector in order to become a prime “safe route to school.”

View this sample map and visit the MTGA website for maps of all the 83 Michigan counties.

Thanks to MTGA and MSU for this helpful resource!

Promoting Active Communities (PAC) Assessment:

Once completed, the redesigned PAC Assessment will contain more streamlined SRTS elements. If your community completes the PAC Assessment, the SRTS elements will be able to be lifted right into your SRTS application. Watch here and our monthly newsletter for developments and the launch of the new PAC Assessment!