February-March, 2010

New Michigan SR2S Walking School Bus Video!

Nichols K-8 School completed a Safe Routes to School video aimed 
at educating 
parents and students 
about walking school 
busses, pedestrian 
safety and the 
benefits of Safe 
Routes to 
School for teachers, 
and students alike. 
The video is now available on our website. Take a look!

2010 State Coalition Meeting

Thank you to all presenters at and attendees of our Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Annual Meeting held Wednesday, January 27, 2010 in Lansing. More than 100 state coalition members met to learn from each other and share successes. The meeting reflected our partners’ work in building awareness and support for SR2S projects and activities that increase travel to school by foot and wheel. Annual Meeting presentations are now available in  PDF format. Photos of the event are also included in this month’s newsletter on page 4.