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A hands on program to encourage walking and biking to to school.

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Published: Aug 19th

Farewell to Deb Hubsmith

With much emotion and deep gratitude from the Michigan Safe Routes to School program, we mourn the passing of Deb Hubsmith, the founder of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, and the torch bearer behind the entire Safe Routes to School movement in the United States. Deb’s persistence and leadership in helping to establish the Safe Routes to School program and the National Partnership has been felt at the national level and has had an immense impact here in Michigan. While there was a national focus in her work, making it safer for children throughout the entire country to walk and bike to school, Deb also embraced and supported individual states and communities. Her contributions in and connection to Michigan are still felt today. (Click on title to continue reading.)

Congrats to our 2015 ACES & Bike to School Day Poster Contest winners!

This year we asked you to submit a poster based on our theme, dinosaurs! All of our contestants submitted wonderful drawings, which made the contest that much harder. Keep an eye out for future contests for Bike to School Day or Walk to School Day--you could be the next winner!


A total of eight Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Active Transportation Mini-grants are awarded to 27 schools in eight communities in seven counties. Mini-grants are geared toward programs that accelerate the shift in paradigms and behaviors in places where it is already reasonably safe to walk and bike to school. The programs selected this year are quite varied and include a bicycle-centered program, one that focuses on reducing traffic resulting from a magnet school’s draw from outside the neighborhood, and some unique district-wide approaches to the program. Additionally, the programs represent rural, urban, and suburban settings.

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Safe Routes to School (SR2S) is an international movement—and now a federal program—to make it safe, convenient and fun for children to bicycle and walk to school. When routes are safe, walking or biking to and from school is an easy way to get the regular physical activity children need for good health. Safe Routes to School initiatives also help ease traffic jams and air pollution, unite neighborhoods and contribute to students’ readiness to learn in school.

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