Walk and Roll to School Day

2024/10/09 08:00:00

Countdown to Walk and Roll to School Day 2024!

Walk and Roll to School Day (WR2SD) is an international event celebrated each year in October. This annual event began in 1997 by the Partnership for a Walkable America, to encourage walkable communities and has grown to an international event that takes place in over 40 countries worldwide. WR2SD encourages healthy habits, heightens awareness of traffic safety, draws attention to environmental concerns around schools, and is a great way to build local momentum for a Safe Routes to School initiative.

WR2SD is an easy way to bring elected officials, parents, students and other stakeholders together to build awareness for communities to encourage more walkable, bikeable, and accessible spaces for all users. Every school or community can engage in a wide range of activities, such as recognizing local champions or groups.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Walk and Roll to School Day with us in October! Over 35,000 students from 166 schools joined together to support fun and safe routes to school.

Visit the official Walk/Bike to School website for many more resources, including event ideas, planning tips, templates for flyers and press releases, talking points, and more.

For questions about the event, email Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator Erin Paskus or call 517-908-3840.

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