Register Your School

Register Your School

  1. Before you register, check the list of registered schools to make sure your school is not already in the system.
  2. Register your school for Michigan’s Safe Routes to School program by completing the registration form. A reminder that all schools with at least one grade in the K-12 range are eligible to participate, including public schools, public school academies/charter schools, private and parochial schools, and tribal schools.

If you have any questions about registering your school, please contact Max Fulkerson at 517-908-3832.

SRTS New School Registration

SRTS New School Registration
(e.g. K-5)

Number of students by grade (where applicable)

(as reported by the state for the most recent school year)

Approximate percentage of students living within:


The Michigan Fitness Foundation administers two research surveys to students and one to parents during the evaluation process of the Safe Routes to School program. The surveys assess the attitudes of parents and students on walking to school, and poll how students currently travel to school. The participation of the school is not voluntary; it is a required component of the Safe Routes to School project. However, any student, parent, or teacher may choose not to participate in this assessment and the services your school receives will not be affected.
Before conducting these surveys and moving forward with this project, the Michigan Fitness Foundation will verbally request the permission of the principal.
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