The SRTS Survey Process

Once you have registered your school and established a core SRTS Team, you can begin the SRTS Survey Process. The information you collect from the surveys, along with the findings from your walking audit, will help your SRTS team determine which projects and programs to include on your school’s SRTS Action Plan. The survey report data is a required document for the Major Grant application.

There are 3 surveys that each school is required to administer:

Student Tally

This tally evaluates how students arrive and depart from school over three consecutive week days, by having students raise hands and teachers record the results on a tally sheet. It’s to be administered by teachers, in hard copy form, for all classrooms grades K-12.

Student Survey

This is a multiple choice/short-answer, online survey that takes about 15 minutes to complete. It evaluates how far students live from the school, what prevents them from walking or biking, and their general attitudes about walking, biking, and safety.  It’s to be administered at school, to students in grades 3-12 only.

Parent Survey

This is multiple choice/short-answer survey. It evaluates parent’s attitudes and perceptions about walking, biking, and safety, and provides key data surrounding where students are located geographically. It’s to be administered online or in-person to families at each school with a goal of getting responses from at least 20%.

Ready to get started with the survey process? Great! Make sure your school is registered, and then download the SRTS Survey Instructions & FAQs. Contact SRTS Operations Coordinator, Colleen Synk to get started.

 Need more information? Check out the SRTS Handbook Module 4: Surveying Behaviors and Attitudes.

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