Media Kit

We know that planning a Safe Routes to School event or project can be fun, but overwhelming! In order to help you celebrate and promote your efforts, we’ve compiled a SRTS Media Kit. Included in this kit you will find:

  • A student photo release form
  • The SRTS logo in color and black/white
  • The 20 years of Safe Routes to School in Michigan logo with color and black/white text
  • The Michigan Fitness Foundation logo in color and black/white

Download the kit

While communications with schools, parents, and community members are necessary – if you plan to reach out to a broader audience, such as the news media or other statewide audiences, work with MFF first. Non-infrastructure contracts provide explicit language on the preauthorization of materials used for external audiences as stated below. While this applies to grantees, we ask that those wishing to utilize the SRTS logo or communications outside of a contract follow this guidance as well.

“Any public relations communications and/or products pertaining to this Contract or the SERVICES hereunder that are intended for an external audience will not be made without prior written approval from MDOT or the Michigan Fitness Foundation, and then only in accordance with explicit instructions from MDOT and the Michigan Fitness Foundation. Examples of public relations communications and/or products may include the following:

    1. Use of MDOT logo or the Michigan Fitness Foundation logo;
    2. Brochures, flyers, invitations, programs, or any other printed materials intended for an external audience:
      1. Postings on social media sites or Web sites;
      2. New or updated video, digital versatile dish (DVD), or video sharing productions;
      3. Exhibits or presentations.”

While this is explicit to say external audience, everyday communication with your communities, partners, and their agents (including using emails, social media, and brochures) is acceptable.


Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day press releases and social media guides with sample posts are available as part of those specific event toolkits.

Please note: If you’re a school or community has just received a Conditional Commitment for your infrastructure grant, we ask that you not issue a press release or statement until after you’re Conditional Commitment has been converted into a full award. Doing so could jeopardize project funding with MDOT.

You may find the Effective Messaging for Promoting Walking and Biking, 2018 Fact Sheet from the Safe Routes to School National Partnership helpful in framing other messages than those provided in our media kit.

For further assistance with press or social media efforts, please contact Colleen Synk.

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