1. Michigan Safe Routes to School Bike Safety Lessons: Michigan SR2S Handbook Bike Safety Lessons
  2. Bikeology – Society of Health and Physical Educators: Comprehensive bicycle safety curriculum for grades 6-12
  3. Bicycle Transportation Alliance – Safe Routes for Kids: Bicycle Safety Program Curriculum

Bike Rodeo/Skills Training:

  1. League of Michigan Bicyclists – Bike Rodeo: Bicycle Rodeos- How to Run an Event
  2. Cornell University – Bike Rodeo: An Organizer’s Guide to Bicycle Rodeos

Bicycle Safety Information and Tips:

  1. Bike Safe and Bike Smart: two videos using the peer to peer approach to teach elementary and middle school students how to Bike Safe and Bike Smart
  2. Roll Model: Pedestrian safety materials, tip sheets, guides
  3. Bicyclists: Fact sheets and reports
  4. Safety in Numbers: Informative Fact sheet with data
  5. Ideas for activities to promote bicycle safety

Bicycle Safety Handouts and Activities:

  1. What Every Young Michigan Cyclist Must Know: Award-winning booklet for distribution to elementary aged children
  2. Be a “Roll Model”: Wear a Helmet: Flier with proper helmet fitting info
  3. What every Michigan driver should know about bicycle lanes: Pamphlet with essential facts
  4. Right-of-way activities: information on and scenarios to practice following the right-of-way rules
  5. ABC Quick Check flier: What to check for before you go out biking

Spanish, Arabic, and Asian Language Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Resources

  1. Materials for Hispanic Pedestrians & Bicyclists
  2. Bikeability Checklist in Spanish
  3. Prevent Pedestrian Crashes: Parents and Caregivers of Elementary School Children (Arabic)
  4. Asian Languages Pedestrian Safety Information (Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese)