Safe Routes 2 School

A hands on program to encourage walking and biking to to school.

Make Trax Youth Project

Make Trax, the youth voice of Safe Routes to School, provides a set of 8 lessons and support materials that can be used in the classroom or outside of school. The curriculum engages students in Safe Routes to School planning to increase the number of students who walk, bicycle, or roll to school when the distance is reasonable and routes are safe.

Many factors influence student travel to and from school. In Make Trax, students undertake a research project to investigate some of these factors. Along the way, they learn problem-solving skills, develop recommendations for change, and present their ideas.

The Make Trax Curriculum:

Make Trax lessons are aligned with grade level expectations in social studies and technology classes and work to align with the Common Core State Standards. The activities also complement community Safe Routes to School planning efforts. We hope you are excited by the terrific opportunity Make Trax provides to:

  • Learn about data collection, mapping software, and presentation skills.
  • Promote student leadership and service learning.
  • Discuss transportation options.
  • Focus on STEM-based learning.
  • Identify and remedy barriers to walking, bicycling, and rolling to school.


Make Trax Lessons:

  • Include a field guide specifically for youth.
  • Can be integrated into social studies and technology classes.
  • Can be used in afterschool or enrichement programs.
  • Provide community service opportunities.
  • Use Internet resources and mapping technology.
  • Are easy to use.
  • Are field tested and based on instructional design principles.

Watch this video to learn more about how Wayne State University's Center for Urban studies teamed up with middle school students from around Michigan to initiate Make Trax curriculum activities. 

Questions regarding Make Trax? Please contact Katie Johnson at or (517) 908-3830.