What SRTS grants are available?

There are two types of SRTS grants that can be applied for based the unique needs of your community — The Mini Grant and the Major Grant:

Based on past success, both of these grants can be applied for multiple times.

Who is eligible to apply for these grants?

Whether you live in a small, rural community, a sprawling, suburban neighborhood; or a lively, urban center, Safe Routes to School grants can benefit your students. SRTS grants are available to all schools with at least one grade in the K-8 range. All schools, whether public, charter, tribal, or private, may apply.

Anyone with a passion for children’s health, safety, and learning should be involved with the grant application process. School SRTS teams may include (but are not limited to): school administrators, teachers, parents, students, law enforcement, local and state representatives, school transportation directors, local/regional planners, bike groups, parks and recreation specialists, neighborhood associations, services and groups.

How do I get started?

The SRTS grant process is collaborative, adaptive, and the Michigan Fitness Foundation provides technical assistance along the way to help guide you to success. If you’re ready to get your school involved, you should:

  1. Reach out to SRTS Director, Katie Alexander & let her know you’re interested in the grant program
  2. Sign up for a FREE SRTS 101 Basics Webinar Training
  3. Register your school & begin the Mini or Major Grant application process