Success Story: The Traverse City Bike Plow

two kids walking across the sidewalk in heavy snow

As the winter months pelt us with all kinds of snow, sleet, rain, and ice, Traverse City continues to be one of the most bike-tastic cities in the state. Thanks to organizations like NORTE! and the communities’ resilience and love of the outdoors, residents young and old are enjoying biking through the winter months. So how do they do it? In Michigan, it’s easy to skimp on physical activity when it gets cold outside, but staying active during these months can be key to improving one’s mood and general quality of life.  Besides offering a slew of youth-centered bike programs, NORTE! innovated the TC Bike Plow in 2014, using a push broom wedge attached to a bike as a creative method of snow clearing committed to keeping bridges and boardwalks safe for winter bicyclists and pedestrians.

A push-broom bike plow, you say? Yes, and not only does it work, Norte provided this handy How To if you’re interested in creating one of your own. Written by Bob Otwell, a former NORTE! board member, the TC Bike Plow How To is a great way to bring this snow-clearing technique to your own community and encourage folks to keep active all through the cold months.





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