Michigan’s Presence on Walks to School Day

Despite on-and-off rain across the state, Michigan schools came out en masse to walk and bike to school on Wednesday, October 4th. This year we had 327 schools in Michigan participate with an estimation of over 65,000 K-8th grade students getting out to walk.

Bunch of kids with their parents participating to walk to school day event
Distinctive route for the W2SD event, Traverse City
Students who have exited a bus are greeted by a volunteer pacing out stickers.
Special remote drop off at A2STEAM, Ann Arbor













Celebrating and highlighting the importance of walkable safe routes to school at this scale is no small feat. Every contribution made by parents, principals, superintendents, municipalities, council members, and other invested community members helped to draw attention to this great cause and make this year one of the largest Walk to School Day events in Michigan. Whether it be passing out stickers, handing out snacks, organizing the logistics of special remote drop sites, rallying local businesses, or getting the school’s mascot to come to celebrate at the event, these details make Walk to School Day events special for the students. Your efforts encourage students to make walking and biking a fun and safe part of their routines.


A group of student crowd behind Holt's Superintendent with the School Mascot to take a Walk to School Day selfie.
Selfies with the Superintendent and School Mascot, Holt


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