Bicycle and Pedestrian Terminology Booklet

How do you tell the difference between a cycle track and a sidepath? Which one is pictured above? The answer might not be so obvious.

We recommend downloading the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Bureau of Transportation Planning’s newly updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Terminology: A Guide to Active Transportation Infrastructure.  The booklet is a great resource to reference when creating your Safe Routes to School program because it helps distinguish between common and not-so-common transportation infrastructure. The terminology is supported with images that also provide clarity. 

Also, check out MDOT’s Transportation Alternatives and our Safe Routes to School grant programs to learn more about how you can incorporate active transportation in your community.
For the MDOT booklet, contact Josh DeBruyn ( or Kole Nicholoff (

For MDOT grant programs, contact Mike Smith ( for Transportation Alternatives and Max Fulkerson ( for Safe Routes to School.

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