The Make Trax Curriculum was updated in 2015, and is available via download or you can request hard copies. The curriculum can be integrated into social studies and technology classes or used in an afterschool or enrichment program. It provides community service opportunities, and uses internet resources and mapping technology. All lessons are field tested and based on instructional design principals.

Download the Make Trax Adult Field Guide

The Make Trax Curriculum is meant to be paired with the Make Trax Youth Field Guide. This guide parallels the curriculum, lessons are referred to as “steps” and lesson activities are simplified so that youth are able to use them on their own. The guide can also be integrated into classroom instruction.

Download the Make Trax Youth Field Guide

Download the Make Trax Handouts & Additional Resources

If you have questions about using Make Trax at your school, or would like to request a hard copy of the files, please contact Sr. Operations & Evaluations Coordinator, Colleen Synk.