Are you ready to begin the Major Grant application process? Great! Make sure you’ve registered your school and contacted your SRTS grant coordinator. Up to $200,000 is available per school in infrastructure funds, and up to $8,000 per school in programming non-infrastructure funds.

Applying for a Major Grant requires that you embark upon an in-depth planning process before you submit an application. This process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year, and will mean collaborating with many others from your school and community to complete. Before you submit your application you must complete the following for all schools included in your project:

  1. Gather your SRTS team
  2. Distribute and collect parent and student survey data
  3. Conduct walking and/or biking audits
  4. Schedule and hold action planning meetings

Already completed all these of steps?  You’re ready to prepare and submit your Major Grant application using the Michigan Department of Transportation MDOT Grant System (MGS).

Upcoming Quarterly Deadlines