Bicycle Safety Resources

Bicycle Safety Resources


  1. Michigan Safe Routes to School Bike Safety Lessons: Michigan SRTS Bike Safety Lessons
  2. Bikeology – Society of Health and Physical Educators: Comprehensive bicycle safety curriculum for grades 6-12
  3. Bicycle Transportation Alliance – Safe Routes for Kids: Bicycle Safety Program Curriculum

Bike Rodeo/Skills Training:

  1. League of Michigan Bicyclists – Bike Rodeo: Bicycle Rodeos- How to Run an Event
  2. Cornell University – Bike Rodeo: An Organizer’s Guide to Bicycle Rodeos

Bicycle Safety Information and Tips:

  1. Bicyclists: Fact sheets and reports
  2. Bike Safe and Bike Smart: two videos using the peer to peer approach to teach elementary and middle school students how to Bike Safe and Bike Smart
  3. Ideas for activities to promote bicycle safety
  4. Roll Model: Pedestrian safety materials, tip sheets, guides
  5. Safety in Numbers: Informative Fact sheet with data

Bicycle Safety Handouts and Activities:

  1. ABC Quick Check flier: What to check for before you go out biking
  2. Be a “Roll Model”: Wear a Helmet: Flier with proper helmet fitting info
  3. Right-of-way activities: information on and scenarios to practice following the right-of-way rules
  4. What every Michigan driver should know about bicycle lanes: Pamphlet with essential facts
  5. What Every Young Michigan Cyclist Must Know: Award-winning booklet for distribution to elementary aged children

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Information:

  1. National Center for Bicycling and Walking 
  2. Pedestrian Bicycle Information Center

Spanish, Arabic, and Asian Language Bicycle Safety Resources

  1. Materials for Hispanic Pedestrians & Bicyclists
  2. Bikeability Checklist in Spanish
  3. Prevent Pedestrian Crashes: Parents and Caregivers of Elementary School Children (Arabic)
  4. Asian Languages Pedestrian Safety Information (Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, and Vietnamese)

Additional Resources

  1. Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
  2. League of Michigan Bicyclists
  3. People for Bikes
  4. Program to Educate All Cyclists
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