Case Studies and Success Stories

We frequently hear from communities that the most helpful information to have about the planning process are examples of how Safe Routes to School has been implemented in other communities.

These case studies are a selection of past projects to respond to these requests. They are meant to provide a view into the work done with SRTS funding. Each highlights work across the state which emphasis on the importance of the planning process and how various partnerships come together to deliver a successful SRTS program.

Please contact our offices if you’re interested in identifying a case study of a community like yours.

East Jordan Students Help Innovative Project

Tucked away about an hour northeast of Traverse City along a section of Lake Charlevoix, East Jordan is a year around destination. Tourists can be seen flocking to nearby beaches in the summertime and taking in some of Michigan’s best skiing in the winter. In short, East Jordan offers things that are familiar to and […]

Southfield Infrastructure Help Keep Kids Safe

There are a variety of unintended consequences when communities pay little attention to the walkability and bikeability of their community – many of which fall in the realm of public health and safety. For instance, when a community is designed without active living in mind, rates of diseases associated with a lack of physical activity […]

Case Study: Novi Navigates Community Concerns to Help Kids Navigate to School

Novi is a bustling city about 30 miles northwest of Detroit. It is home to a unique mix of cultures, exemplified by places like its Hindu temple and Japanese grocery store. While many Michigan cities have struggled with population declines according to theU.S. Census, Novi has grown consistently and is now home to more than […]

Kingsford Honors Past While Moving into the Future

The famous Ford Flivver was manufactured in Kingsford in the early 20th century – a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After Henry Ford established the automobile plant, the Flivver, which was the nickname for his Model T automobile, began serving as the unofficial school mascot. Today, two of Breitung Township Schools, Kingsford Middle School […]

DeWitt’s Interagency Relationships Build Capacity

Districtwide approaches to Safe Route to School (SRTS) projects are strongly encouraged because they provide consistent communication, education, and a supportive culture for walking and biking to school. This approach works to ensure that no matter the location a student finds themselves in while traveling to and from school, they have resources that support walking […]

From Mini to Major Grant in Grosse Pointe

Over the last decade, the Michigan Safe Routes to School (SRTS) team has been encouraging communities to think of their programming, planning and infrastructure design needs with a holistic, district-wide approach. Instead of focusing on improving active transportation for students and families around one school, they have been encouraging stakeholders to consider all schools in […]

Collaborative Effort Builds Argentine Township Pathway

Over ten years ago, Argentine Township and the Linden, Argentine, Fenton, and Fenton Township Pathways (LAFF) trails group envisioned a multi-community pathway that would connect cyclists across southwest Genesee County. With support from LAFF, Linden Community Schools, and the Genesee County Road Commission, Argentine Township embarked on a planning project for a multi-use trail project. […]

Partnerships Build Support for Lenawee Township Project

Building consensus among stakeholders is an important part of any Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project. At Madison School District, former superintendent and community champion, Ryan Rowe played a key role to gain support for their SRTS project with stakeholders that could amplify the project. Rowe understood that planning, application, and construction processes can take […]

Miller Elementary Nurtures Meaningful Engagement

After a school completed their surveys, and walking and biking audit, the next step is to start the action planning process. The action planning process is intended to engage community, and this case study on Mill Elementary school in Dearborn shows how they fostered community engagement to create their action plan. As the birthplace of […]

Detroit Making the Most of Partnerships

Motown, one of the affectionate nicknames of Detroit, is the birthplace of soul music, a style of music that has a flair of pop influence. It’s a city with soul in more than just its music. Its people have it too. They have a sense of positivity, pride and strength in the face of outside […]

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