SRTS Major Grant Supporting Documents

In addition to the information captured in the MDOT Grant System, SRTS Major Grant applicants must submit supporting documentation and information specific to the SRTS program. These documents include such items as your school’s SRTS action plan, your parent and student survey results, maps and photos, and all non-infrastructure funding requests.

Please refer to the Application Completeness Checklist and TAP SRTS Documents Instructions for further detail regarding the documents required for infrastructure below. Click on document name to download template; for those in blue.

The following documents must be completed and uploaded to MGS under the system’s “Documents” tab:

Required documents for school(s):

  1. Map of Student Homes (Contact the SRTS office for assistance in creating a map)
  2. Travel Tally Results
  3. Student Survey Reports
  4. Parent Survey Reports
  5. School Enrollment Map
  6. SRTS Action Plan
  7. Summary of SRTS Planning Process
  8. School Profile and Demographics
  9. Principal Letter of Support
    1. Applicant school(s) submit a letter conveying formal commitment of the organization responsible for implementing non-infrastructure activities.
  10. Post Test Evaluation Commitment
  11. Non-infrastructure Project Description
    1. Additional Education Description
    2. Additional Encouragement Description
  12. Non-infrastructure Budget
  13. Non-infrastructure Letter of Commitment from Fiduciary Organization
    1. Please see the link above for the letter or the application checklist for details on the letter of support

Required documents required for the Act 51 Agency:

  1. Infrastructure Priorities Map
    1. Submit a map that shows:
      • The location of the school(s)
      • The location of all proposed infrastructure improvements numbered in their priority order
  2. Plan View Drawings
  3. Cross Sections for each street (must include ROW and all street elements)
  4. Engineer’s Construction Cost Estimate (Must be in MERL format)
  5. Photographs of areas proposed for improvement (labeled)
  6. Resolutions from Act 51 Agencies
    1. Please see the application checklist for details on the resolution language and the TAP SRTS Documents Instructions for resolution requirements.
    2. Should be dated and approved 21 days ahead of application submission.
  7. Letters of support (If on MDOT trunkline, a TSC letter of support is required)
  8. Infrastructure Project Description (complete one for each route proposed for improvement)
  9. Sample Letter to Property Owners Impacted & comments, if any (for new sidewalk/path construction only)
  10. List of Property Owner Addresses Impacted by Construction
  11. Community Transportation Policies & Practices

Additional project guidelines:

  1. List of Eligible and Ineligible Encouragement Items>
  2. FAQ About Northern Long-Eared Bat endangerment and its effects on MDOT construction projects
  3. FAQ About Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake in Michigan and its effects on MDOT construction projects
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